Dealing with Death Daily

Maybe people don’t realize The impact to my already cracked heart Even the mention of another human’s passing Can lend Spider vein fractures on the vessel that is me What will cause Kintsugi Precious pain not hidden, highlighted Empathy interlaced like gold Potters hands still hold Us I was forced to think about loss ofContinue reading “Dealing with Death Daily”

Fear and Fantasy

There’s a storm brewing. I can feel it in the air as I right my toppled zucchini plant. It’s warm, windy, and the wildness creeps into my bones. I want to be wild and free like the flying leaves; soak up the adrenaline and be at fiery peace. Tomorrow, my favorite weekend escape opens. IContinue reading “Fear and Fantasy”

Ordinary Peace

Getting last minute approval to leave your windowless office job early on a Friday feels oh so lovely, like you’re getting away with something as you step into the sun, removing your facemask.I’m sitting on the slab of cement cherished as my patio. Partially shaded, but with the warmth soaking into my legs from theContinue reading “Ordinary Peace”

My Farm-stay Morning

This morning, 5am greeted me without alarm and I followed the suggestion of one of our hosts for enjoying garden-side bunny frolicking. Wrapped in a fleecy blanket, I quietly prepared a small french press of coffee before slipping outside to settle into the front seat of an old car by the barn. Steam rose fromContinue reading “My Farm-stay Morning”

The long way home

Whenever I saw signs for the “scenic route” while driving, I was never interested. Only more recently have I found the value of taking the road not suggested by GPS as the fastest or most direct. What a map or navigational system can’t see is what one can gain from going that way. Taking theContinue reading “The long way home”

The Perfect Life

Hello friends and strangers,I must apologize for my extended absence. Life has been complicated lately. I know, when is it not. Battling burnout at my job, taking a wonderful trip from which I had to return, exhaustion and getting sick, focusing on my immediate space instead of the cerebral, and quite frankly, lack of wonderContinue reading “The Perfect Life”

Reflection of a Smile

I was taught to smile at everyone. You never know what kind of day they are having, what they are going through, or the impact a simple smile could have. I still smile at almost everyone. If I can make even a small difference that way, it’s worth it. Looking in the mirror today, tired,Continue reading “Reflection of a Smile”

Thoughts; Out of Place

This blog originally, was meant to push me towards my dreams. Those dreams seem both unclear and out of reach these days. I know I’m making progress, have things that I’ve dreamt of, and if I put in the effort and work, more could happen. I don’t know what is wrong. It’s like I’m stuckContinue reading “Thoughts; Out of Place”

“This day 4 years ago”

Someday the notification That I have memories from a few years ago Won’t remind me of what I’ve lost What is no longer Those good old days Instead What I’ve gained Who remained Maybe not a change In circumstance But a shift In perspective

A day later

Last night, I got home from work, exhausted and unmotivated. I was fully set to lay on my bed, skip dinner, and hide from the mess that is my apartment. Thankfully, a couple of calls with people got me moving. While I still only managed a bowl of Cream of Wheat for dinner, it countsContinue reading “A day later”