Turning out Spring

It is officially Spring. Not just on the calendar, but also in the cold rain and green peeking through. Yesterday and today have been graced with rain, and while gloom usually gets me down, these instances felt relaxing. Maybe it’s the birdsong breaking through the patter of droplets, or the seagulls call once again echoingContinue reading “Turning out Spring”

Today’s Someday

I wrote the excerpt below, about nine years ago. I did not own a piano. I did not have my own place to live. Someday, in my made up future, I will wake up to the birds singing and the sunlight streaming through my window. Smiling, I will slip out from between my covers andContinue reading “Today’s Someday”

Look how far we’ve failed

There have been a few things lately that I could count as failures and I will share them, because I said that I would not only share my successes but also what I learn from my not so successful ventures. It’s nothing too weighty but it forces me to think of how far I’ve comeContinue reading “Look how far we’ve failed”


I wonder, if someone was to write the “forward” to my life right now, what would they say? I have such an overwhelming desire to create, to push my boundaries, stretch my wings and see how far they can take me. I want the time to devote to these pursuits, to learn and grow. ThisContinue reading “Forward”

A bag of grapefruit

The weather is finally warming up here in my part of the Midwest. Longer hours of sunlight, no chill that makes your skin burn and your teeth hurt, it could almost be thought to be Spring. I wanted to solidify the feeling by bringing a refreshing zing of sunshine into a bake, while also usingContinue reading “A bag of grapefruit”

When Stars Say Goodnight

I noticed the subject of this post a while ago but I observed and learned more about it recently. A hefty portion of last week was spent laying in my bed, if not sleeping. Looking up through the top half of my window, head on pillow, there appears one bright star. Framed perfectly in view,Continue reading “When Stars Say Goodnight”

Sunshine on the mind

Today, finally, was wonderful. Living with chronic illness, on any level, makes every small accomplishment a victory and today I felt well enough to do a full-on deep powerclean of the apartment. I’ll admit, it really needed it but being able to make so much progress, visible progress even, felt amazing. The sun was shiningContinue reading “Sunshine on the mind”

From the kitchen rug

Some days it’s just not practical to try to think of everything as wonderful and fantastical. Some days require oneself to see the day for what it is and simply make the best of it. Today is not a bad day. There is sunlight streaming through my window and I am afforded some peace andContinue reading “From the kitchen rug”

Endings with PB&J

The fact that I wanted to be an author for several years of my life but have never finished a story really bothers me sometimes. It makes me wonder if I will ever be able to finish what I put my mind to. I’ve always had a hard time with endings, with goodbyes. My styleContinue reading “Endings with PB&J”

Soup Season

Our negative degree weather has finally caught up to us here in the Midwest. As I am striving to eat out less, make healthy options the only ones available at home, and enjoy the process, soup is a main staple! My great grandma used to make this amazingly cozy, ground beef and vegetable soup. While,Continue reading “Soup Season”