Hello, my name is Stephanie and this is a step in finding my best future, exploring my passions and the products of that.

I live in the Midwest (United States), work a patient facing desk job in healthcare and have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design that has been gathering dust for some years.

  • Beautiful and Tumultuous
    The wind is making the trees dance in the setting sun. Spinning seeds find their way to me from an empty sky It is not quiet, yet it is peaceful. When this type of breeze makes my hair caress my arms and strands cross my face, I feel as if I must be important,Continue reading “Beautiful and Tumultuous”
  • Toast
    The rain patters quietly outside of her open window, punctuated by a car alarm honking forlornly in the distance. Placing her hands on either side of her mug, the warmth seeps into her fingers and she breathes in, herbal cadence blending with fresh rain smell. It had been a long day, discouraging but sheContinue reading “Toast”
  • The Dream
    Though my dreams and aspirations have become somewhat fuzzy these days, I realized that a core desire still remains. My “what do you want to be when you grow up” answer has ranged from being a mother, to being an event coordinator, to being an author, to teaching English in Japan. Realizing that IContinue reading “The Dream”
  • Dealing with Death Daily
    Maybe people don’t realize The impact to my already cracked heart Even the mention of another human’s passing Can lend Spider vein fractures on the vessel that is me What will cause Kintsugi Precious pain not hidden, highlighted Empathy interlaced like gold Potters hands still hold Us I was forced to think about lossContinue reading “Dealing with Death Daily”
  • Fear and Fantasy
    There’s a storm brewing. I can feel it in the air as I right my toppled zucchini plant. It’s warm, windy, and the wildness creeps into my bones. I want to be wild and free like the flying leaves; soak up the adrenaline and be at fiery peace. Tomorrow, my favorite weekend escape opens.Continue reading “Fear and Fantasy”

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