Hello, my name is Stephanie and this is a step in finding my best future, exploring my passions and the products of that.

I live in the Midwest (United States), work a patient facing desk job in healthcare and have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design that has been gathering dust for some years.

  • Reflection of a Smile
    I was taught to smile at everyone. You never know what kind of day they are having, what they are going through, or the impact a simple smile could have. I still smile at almost everyone. If I can make even a small difference that way, it’s worth it. Looking in the mirror today,Continue reading “Reflection of a Smile”
  • Thoughts; Out of Place
    This blog originally, was meant to push me towards my dreams. Those dreams seem both unclear and out of reach these days. I know I’m making progress, have things that I’ve dreamt of, and if I put in the effort and work, more could happen. I don’t know what is wrong. It’s like I’mContinue reading “Thoughts; Out of Place”
  • “This day 4 years ago”
    Someday the notification That I have memories from a few years ago Won’t remind me of what I’ve lost What is no longer Those good old days Instead What I’ve gained Who remained Maybe not a change In circumstance But a shift In perspective
  • A day later
    Last night, I got home from work, exhausted and unmotivated. I was fully set to lay on my bed, skip dinner, and hide from the mess that is my apartment. Thankfully, a couple of calls with people got me moving. While I still only managed a bowl of Cream of Wheat for dinner, itContinue reading “A day later”
  • Escape into Reality
    I’m sitting on my patio, iced tea creating a wet spot from the sweating on the cement next to me. Clove is tethered to my ankle, free to explore the length of her leash but close enough that I can be there before a dog or hawk. It’s a perfect 73 F only partiallyContinue reading “Escape into Reality”

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