Fear and Fantasy

There’s a storm brewing. I can feel it in the air as I right my toppled zucchini plant. It’s warm, windy, and the wildness creeps into my bones. I want to be wild and free like the flying leaves; soak up the adrenaline and be at fiery peace.

Tomorrow, my favorite weekend escape opens. I can be another version of me in a different world. Going to Renaissance Festival has always given me that feeling, the one I can’t quite put into words.

My imagination is renewed and a match held to the wick of my creative spirit. Maybe it’s that I don’t have to be what most people want me to be. Keeping to myself offends no one and I can slip between groups of people like a shadow, all the while taking in such delicious details.

I’m a little afraid of my excitement. A lot has changed since I was last able to attend, and I’m afraid it won’t infect me with that restful, childlike inspiration.

Do you ever get scared by being excited for something, just hoping it is as wonderful as you remember it?

Have a lovely weekend strangers and friends. Here’s hoping you get to revisit pleasant dreams and fall asleep to the sound of a storm.

When Stars Say Goodnight

I noticed the subject of this post a while ago but I observed and learned more about it recently. A hefty portion of last week was spent laying in my bed, if not sleeping. Looking up through the top half of my window, head on pillow, there appears one bright star. Framed perfectly in view, right around the time I am supposed to be drifting off to sleep, it slowly creeps across the two panes before continuing out of sight. I get about twenty to twenty-five minutes with my goodnight star when there are no clouds.

I’ve long loved the stars. Whenever I am having a hard time or feeling alone, it always seems to be a clear night when I look up and am able to just breathe and be. They make me happy. I feel a little bit more alive, seen, and peace enters that moment. For me, it’s not the stars themselves that are the source of this, but instead they are a conduit, a reminder.

Did you know that stars sing? Each star has it’s own tone it sends out into space. They all have names too. That’s so beautiful to me.

If you are interested in stars, like me, free tip: get the “Sky Guide” app on your phone. You can learn so much and hear each tone too. It’s how I found out my window star’s name is Sirius, that it is thirty times brighter than the sun, and is eight point six light years away.

Do you get wrapped up in staring at a starry night? Maybe you have a favorite star. Either way, I hope I was able to bring you a little taste of the wonder I experience related to them.

Goodnight friends and strangers.

temporary tattoo: “of dust and stars”