Turning out Spring

It is officially Spring. Not just on the calendar, but also in the cold rain and green peeking through.

Yesterday and today have been graced with rain, and while gloom usually gets me down, these instances felt relaxing. Maybe it’s the birdsong breaking through the patter of droplets, or the seagulls call once again echoing off of wet pavement.
I must have partially forgotten that I like rain. As long as it isn’t endless gloom and keeping oneself indoors, it really is quite lovely. You can smell growth in the air and hope shows itself in buds appearing on trees.

I went on a walk last Saturday. It was my only day to sleep in and I got up early to go on a walk. Though the wind was strong and cold, it felt really good to force myself to take a moment to slow down.

Slowing down or slow living, in concept, makes sense. Putting it into practice for my own life is slightly more challenging. When I haven’t accomplished my high standard or expectation of what should be achieved, the harshest critic lives inside my head. Not even realizing, I’ll beat myself up for needing a nap, or only accomplishing two loads of laundry instead of cleaning the whole apartment. Do I base my worth, in part, on how much I’ve done? It might be so.

There’s got to be a difference between a strong work ethic and running yourself ragged trying to keep up with impossible expectations, a balance between self care and growth. It’s definitely a struggle for me. How about you? Do you understand and/or experience this?

Maybe there are seasons for these things. I’m unsure what they would be but hopefully it’s turning out Spring.